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What I learned from taking my first solo trip abroad x

For as long as I can remember my heart burned with the desire of seeing the world. People who have had the drive to make seeing the world and experiencing different cultures top of their list have always interested me. Over the years I found myself drawn to watching travel videos on youtube and lusting over the picture perfect travel photos on instragram with the hashtag 'WANDERLUST'. It eventually got to the point where I thought to myself, this could be me. If only I had the courage to do just that.
After my first trip of 2018 to beautiful Edinburgh, Scotland (Blogpost to come) its safe to say I caught the travel bug and I was itching to get on a plane again and get away. Particularly to the city I had been dreaming of for such a long time, mystical Prague nestled in mainland Europe.

Ryanair had a mini sale and I kept seeing the idea of Prague pop up everywhere. Its as if it was calling me and eventually I bit the bullet and bought a solo ticket to the Czech Republic. Being a very anxious person I expected to be overcome with nerves and eventually cancel it but strangely enough I was calm, excited and started to plan straight away. It felt right, and from then on I was overcome with independence and bravery.

Although it was just a weekend I learned so much and it was definitely one of the best experiences I have ever had. Here are a few things I have learned by taking the first step out into this big world on my own!

1. There are kind souls everywhere 
I know we are all taught from a young age never to talk to strangers but don't take that too literally. However I do believe strongly in trusting your gut instinct and if you simply feel a bad vibe off of a person, chances are your instincts are leading you on the right path. Don't interact with someone if they simply send alarm bells ringing in your mind but also don't let the misconception of the world being a super dangerous place put you off either. When I arrived in Prague I was met with nothing but kind people. My taxi driver chatted to me, giving me a brief history of Prague and showing me the passing sights on the way to my hotel. It was very refreshing to talk to a local from a european country that I knew very little about and he had a smile on my face the whole journey.
This continued throughout the trip, form the receptionist, to the tour guides and the craftsmen working in the Easter markets. This trip showed me that its so important to interact with people. You learn so much from just a little conversation and there are kind people in each corner of the globe. Just one small conversation could leave a footprint on your heart forever!

2. Planning is absolutely essential
Having only a weekend in Prague I was egar to fit in as many sights as I possibly could into that short space of time. I started planning this trip weeks in advance and lets just say I went a bit ott on the planning but it truly paid off. I knew everything I needed to know, from the tourist traps to the hidden gems off the beaten path I knew it all. I had all my tickets booked in advance which saved so much time, effort and even money in the long run.
As it being my first time abroad by myself it put my mind at ease knowing that I had everything under control and nothing could possibly go wrong, and if on the off chance it did, I would be prepared for it.
It really is so important to be extra organised for your solo trip. It certainly makes your life easier and the trip more enjoyable.

3. Google maps is your best friend 
I think everyone agrees with me on this one right ? Im not going to lie I did try and be the typical tourist and use an old fashioned map, but as you can imagine I failed miserably! Google maps was an absolute lifesaver for me. It got me too and from my destinations without any problem, making it such a stress free and easy trip. Being able to download maps and save them for later is also a huge bonus!

4. Get lost, wander and soak it all in 
There were occasions when I completely abandoned google maps and wandered through the cobbled streets of Prague, truly emersing myself in its beauty and utter magic. I think to truly appreciate a city you have to wander and get lost. You come across the most unexpected places and hidden treasures and get a true taste for what life is like for the locals. So on your next trip, put the phone away and soak it all in. After all we don't all have the privilege to travel and if your one of the lucky ones its so important to be grateful.
Trust yourself, your heart and your bravery and let the streets guide you.

5. ALWAYS buy travel insurance
Unfortunately my amazing trip came to a rather frustrating end however I didnt let it ruin my first big adventure. When I arrived at the airport I was informed that my flight would be delayed. I wasn't concerned as I thought it would only be by a mere hour or maybe even less. But to my surprise it turned out to be more than 6 hours delayed!! ( shoutout to Ryanair) haha. I can tell you it was hard not to panic in this situation but I essentially held it together and made the best of a bad situation and read my way through a whole novel haha.
Anyway the moral of the story is always buy travel insurance. Whether its for a solo trip or a big group holiday, its essential for things and situations like this. However I learned my lesson and travel insurance will be one of my priorities next time.

Although I have only mentioned a few things I have learned I could truly not condense down what this incredible trip has taught me. I have learned to trust myself and now I feel brave enough to do just about anything. As the saying goes " A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because its trust is not in the branch but its own wings. Believe in yourself " !!
I urge you all to step out of your comfort zone in any shape of form. Its far more rewarding that it is scary.
Where too next ?? 

Love Rach x



  1. You was so brave to travel solo abroad!! I'm a pretty anxious person and traveling alone would scare me !! But I also like travelling and discovering the world, new places and local habits! Good luck for your next destination!

    1. Thanks so much for the comment! Ya I am the same I really love travelling x

  2. This is so inspiring - well done you for going on your own. I would love to go to Prague and I agree, there are kind souls everywhere x

    1. You should 100% go to Prague! It is so beautiful and super cheap. Thanks for the comment x

  3. I would be so terrified to travel alone but I think it would also be amazing! I hope you had a wonderful time! The 6 hour delay would have been so annoying, I tend not to fly with Ryanair anymore because of problems like that that I always have with them! x


  4. It was one of the best experiences, I couldn't recommend solo travel more! Thank you for the comment x

  5. This must have been such an eye opening experience! The most ‘alone’ I have been abroad was with my mum and I don’t think I could do it totally alone. I would be far too scared to talk to anyone! Prague has always been on my wishlist and I hope to visit soon.

    Ah ryanair, they are great for their prices but basically not much else haha!

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes


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